The LeadResult Voice Plus application is designed to automatically call dealership customers and leave them a customized voicemail message that they can conveniently retrieve at their leisure. Customers are contacted throughout their ownership lifecycle at important milestones that result in greater frequency of visits and ultimately their repeat business.

Voice is low cost high response medium. As part of our least cost communication platform customers that respond to Voice Plus messages save a dealership up to 1000% on customer reacquisition costs when compared to more expensive mediums.

Moreover, when combined with My Car Update, Voice Plus enables the collection of all customer email addresses missing in a dealer’s database. The collection of emails further reduces the cost of customer communication. Upon the collection of email addresses customers are automatically directed to their Appointments Plus account where they are able to set real-time appointments and use all of the other convenience, retention and revenue building features of Appointments Plus.


  • Ability to contact 100% of the dealer database in a low cost fashion
  • Automatically maintain contact with customers at opportune times during their lifecycle
  • Collect emails from your entire database instantly.


  • Increase sales and service revenue
  • Increase repeat purchase business
  • Reduce communication and marketing expenses
  • Every newly collected email has instant access to the Customer Portal
  • Advertise to customer via Email and use coupon codes to incentive customers to set appointment via the