Some may think that with the use of automated voice and email communications that there is no longer a need for direct mail. While lower cost mediums like voice and email reduce reliance upon direct mail, it by no means eliminates it. Every smart dealer knows that it is important to have a balanced marketing mix because each customer responds to a different form of communication. Mail Plus on the LeadResult platform revolutionizes the medium as we know it. When sending direct mail the old way, the goal was get the phones to ring and have customers bring coupons to the store for redemption. Then, dealers would keep a stack of the coupons and try to calculate their return on investment by the number of coupons that came into the store. The new way of sending direct mail doesn’t use coupons at all. In place of coupons, coupon codes are used. And it is no longer the goal to have the phones ring. Instead, a new style Mail Plus piece includes a link to Appointments Plus along with the customer’s username and password. Customers go online and log into their Appointments Plus account where they can instantly redeem their coupon codes and schedule service with the integrated online scheduler. The end result? More appointments, less costs. Reduced phone calls mean less administrative costs. Fewer coupons to collect count and calculate means more time focused on things that really matter.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the Mail Plus product also collects customer emails. Every customer that logs into Mail Plus, whether they set an appointment or not, must provide an email address. These email addresses are collected and can be written to all major DMS systems. And as we all know, collecting emails reduces the cost of communication. Knowing this, why would any dealer want to do it the old way?


  • Collects emails when customers use their postcards to log into their Appointments Plus account to set appointments, manage their vehicle and customer profile.
  • Reduce administrative burden and costs by driving customers directly to their Appointments Plus account to set appointments and check their service history online instead of calling the store.
  • Coupon code support to further to incentivise customers to use their Appointments Plus account.


  • Reduce costs by collecting more emails.
  • Reduce cost as a result of fewer calls to the dealership and more appointments scheduled online
  • Use newly collected emails to promote more business for less expense in the future
  • Rapidly drive customers to schedule online using Appointments Plus
  • Increase retention by driving more customers to their online account with Appointments Plus