When combined with Appointments Plus the Email Plus product gives dealers the ability to generate real measurable revenue increases. Use email to immediately drive thousands of customers to their Appointments Plus account by giving them ‘one click’ access to set appointments (and more). Use supported coupon codes so customers can apply discounts right inside of the appointment scheduler.

Additionally, Email Plus allows you to automatically stay in touch with customers. It can automatically segment customer with appropriate offers. Additionally, use email in broadcast format to reach all or segments of your customer database for communication and special offers. Use an almost unlimited number of mail merge fields to highly customize and personalize each message for maximum response.


  • Automatically set timely messages to be delivered without dealer intervention
  • Broadcast to all or parts of the customer database easily with the LeadResult Query Builder
  • “One click” customers into their Appointment Plus account for easy online scheduling with no ‘registration’ process required
  • Personalize message with virtually unlimited mail merge fields
  • Reduce the need and cost of sending communications via direct mail.


  • Explode online appointment by offering coupon codes ‘one click’ access into Appointments Plus with online scheduling.
  • Reduce administrative costs when customers schedule online
  • Build online appointment volume fast reducing costs and increasing revenue in the process
  • Reduce costs by reducing reliance upon expensive direct mail.