Appointments Plus is the crown jewel of the LeadResult messaging platform. It contains a complete and comprehensive online scheduler that integrates (reads and writes data) to all major DMS systems. However, to call it an online scheduler simply would not be an accurate description of this customer retention powerhouse. In addition to appointment setting, it allows customers to redeem coupon codes in real-time. It gives customers access to their entire, itemized, vehicle service history. Including dates of service and every procedure ever preformed at the dealership. It collects customer emails and writes them directly to the dealer’s database. It allows customers to update their contact information and it allows customers to take surveys customized by the dealership. Appointments Plus gives customers a set of tools to increase convenience, access, and thus frequency of visits.

For the dealer there are several advantages, the first of which being cost savings. A customer call to set an appointment averages six minutes of phone time form paid staff. With most dealers setting a thousand or more appointments per month, these calls are time intensive and expensive. As staff handles the calls, there are often other calls or customers not being attended to, resulting in long hold times, hang-ups, voicemails and even ‘in-person’ customers not getting the attention they require. Migrating customers online reduces and can eventually eliminate these issues. Dealers also reduce costs through the collection of emails that Appointments Plus provides and the subsequent savings of marketing to customers via email versus more expensive methods of contact.

As great as the promise of online scheduling may be, any online interface is only as good as the dealer’s ability to drive customers to use it. Combined with Email Plus dealers can immediately email all of their customers and give them “one click”’ access into their Appointments Plus account. There is no cumbersome registration process to discourage customer adoption like many other online schedulers. Add an optional coupon code within the emails to further entice customers back to service.


What separates Appointments Plus from all other interfaces on the market today it’s tight integration with a full suite of products that allow dealers to rapidly drive customer adoption. In addition Email Plus, our Voice Plus, Mail Plus and My Car Update products integrate seamlessly to reach every customer in a dealer’s database. Then, in a least cost fashion customers are driven to the Appointments Plus interface. There is no other product on the market that can drive customers online to reduce costs and increase revenue like the tight integration of the LeadResult platform can.


  • Writes appointments back to all major DMS systems
  • One click login direct from a customer email
  • Available to all customers immediately with no registration required
  • Coupon code support
  • No Registration required
  • Supports Operation codes
  • Set limits and thresholds for loaner cars
  • Automatically matches customers to their last advisor
  • Loaner car tracking and management that syncs with all major DMS systems
  • Show all available operations and their descriptions
  • Supports “CUSTOMER STATES’ descriptions from customers
  • Show or hide costs for any procedure
  • Show advisor pictures for customer recognition
  • Manages advisors, schedules, and hides taken appointment slots
  • Allows configurable limits for time slots to prevent overbooking
  • Allows cancellation of appointments and offers reschedule options
  • Can limit the number of waiters per hour to prevent overcrowded waiting rooms
  • Calendar supports all major holiday closures
  • Voice and/or Email reminders of pending appointments
  • Customer Service history with date and procedure detail
  • Customer update information interface with write back to all major DMS systems


  • Increase customer convenience, satisfaction and retention
  • Collect more emails
  • Reduce customer communication and marketing costs
  • Drive customers into service with more volume, frequency and revenue
  • Reduce customer service costs and increase staff availability and CSI
  • Keep customer data accurate and up to date.